México te necesita/Mexico needs you


To all my friends from around the world, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Yesterday Mexico suffered another catastrophic earthquake that already has taken many lives (magnitude 7.1 quake). 

More than 200 peopled died, among them at least 30 children and many more are missing. Emergency workers (military personnel and volunteers) have been working through the night in the search for people trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings. Check the news for more info https://www.theguardian.com/…/mexico-city-earthquake-dozens…


Your dollars/euros are worth almost double in Mexico, so something small has a big impact. you can donate, even a little bit, you can do it directly here:
Feel free to share with any friends or family that are interested in helping

#UNICEFMéxico is looking for donations for child victims of the earthquake. https://www.donaunicef.org.mx/landing-terremoto/

But also Donating to other organizations is a way to get resources flowing.

#RedCrossMexico https://www.cruzrojamexicana.org.mx/
#OxfamMexico http://www.oxfammexico.org/dona
#ProjectPaz http://www.projectpaz.org/
#SavetheChildrenMexico http://www.savethechildren.org

Thank you!!!

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