Engineering Alumna Wins National Prize in Mexico


From UA News (September 15, 2016)

“My UA degree expanded my research and knowledge, particularly in using irrigation for bioethanol production,” she said. “I also gained confidence in a second language, as I had to manage of team of English-speaking research assistants, and in my skills as a researcher, thanks to an excellent supervisor who motivated and supported me.”

“I feel committed to giving something back to my country, and the area where I can do it is in the agricultural sector,” she said. “The technical background is important, but so are the social aspects. I want to help agricultural projects reach more people who have been marginalized, and to do so, I have to better understand the social and cultural contexts in which these projects take place.

“I want not just to create technologies and techniques to solve problems, but to understand the lives of indigenous peoples and farmers, so I can be more efficient as a scientist in helping them,” she said. “I am an engineer learning to be a social scientist.”

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Engineering Alumna Wins National Prize in Mexico

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